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MEETINGS: Upcoming IUPHAR Congresses

XVth World Congress of Pharmacology 2006
Where:Beijing, CHINA
When:2-7 July 2006

Official Satellite Meetings to Beijing2006

International Conference on Pharmacogenetics
Where:Changsha, CHINA
When:28 - 30 June 2006
Website:Pharmacogenetics-Based Individualized Therapy

Serotonin Club Meeting
Where:Sapporo, JAPAN
When:28 - 30 June 2006
Website:Serotonin Club

Vascular Neuroeffector Interactions
Where:Shanghai, CHINA
When:28 June-July 1 2006
Website:11th International Symposium on Vascular Neuroeffector Mechanisms

Pediatric Pharmacology Satellite Symposium
Where:Shanghai, CHINA
When:29-30 June 2006
Contact:Zhi-ping Li

Pharmacological Teaching: Facing New Challenges
Where:Beijing, CHINA
When:1-2 July 2006
Information:Pharmacological Teaching (PDF)

Pharmacology of Adrenoceptors
Where:Beijing, CHINA
When:7-9 July 2006
Information:Pharmacology of Adrenoceptors (PDF)

Bioregulation in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Where:Osaka, JAPAN
When:7-9 July 2006
Contact:Tetsuo Arakawa

From Molecular to Drug Discovery
Where:Xi'an, CHINA
When:8-10 July 2006
Contact:Qi-bing Mei

IXth World Conference of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2008
Where:Quebec, CANADA
Website:CPT 2008

XVIth World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 2010
Where:Copenhagen, DENMARK

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