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If you have any pharmacology software that is not listed in the database, please contact us. By contributing to this database you will both advertise your product and help other pharmacologists around the world select the most appropriate software for teaching.

Macintosh Software

MLABMLAB is an ideal tool for mathematical and statistical exploration, and for solving simulation and modeling problems. Windows version also.

MS - Windows software

BioSoftWindows-based scientific software packages for a wide range of purposes.

PRISM2Solution for scientific graphics, curve fitting and statistics. Prism brings you a completely new approach in scientific graphing software. Prism's innovative design simplifies analysis and graphing in a way that no other program can.

HyperTox© for PC and Palm© OS A hypertext program designed both for emergency ward management and medical student teaching of clinical toxicology.

Strathclyde Pharmacology Simulations a suite of programs simulating pharmacological experiments on isolated tissues or whole animals. A range of drugs in varying concentrations can be applied and the effects observed. DOS version also. Freeware.

CoAcS Software Pharmacology instructional software on dozens of topics.

MS - DOS software

ExPharmSoftware packages for experimental pharmacology.

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