For reservations and directions to any activity or meeting, please call Laguna Outreach at 949.497.4237, or send us an email. Please contact us at least one day before the event to give us enough time to retrieve your message and respond. All Laguna Outreach activities are free to members and $5 to non-members, unless otherwise noted.

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About Laguna Outreach

Background, Organization and Philosophy
Early in 1982, a group of men and women concerned about human rights and dignity, who wanted to create a space for social interaction outside of the bars, called a meeting to raise the community's awareness about gay and lesbian issues. With that simple beginning, Laguna Outreach was born. Although more formalized today, Laguna Outreach retains much of its grassroots spontaneity.

Who we are today
Laguna Outreach is a nonprofit, all-volunteer social and educational group serving the gay and lesbian community in Southern California's Orange County area. We provide social alternatives to the bars and clubs, including regular monthly activities and special events throughout the year. At our bimonthly general meetings we present distinguished speakers, panel discussions, and other programs of interest to members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community and their friends and families. And as a member of the Orange County Federation, we are networked with nearly fifty gay/lesbian/AIDS organizations serving every conceivable need.
Organizational policy is set by a Board of Directors, elected by the membership every year. The directors in turn elect the co-chairs, secretary and treasurer who assume responsibility for ongoing programs and special Finances. The board establishes annual objectives, plans and budgets. Committees of volunteers play a vital role in all we do. A totally voluntary organization, LO's programs are made possible by contributions and annual membership dues. As a nonprofit, educational organization incorporated in California, donations to LO are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. LO is nonpartisan and nonreligious.
Since LO is a participatory organization, members find that the more they get involved, the more they get back from their membership. As you become a member, we encourage you to take the next step and become a volunteer.

Accent on Connection
Laguna Outreach creates a positive, safe environment for lesbians and gay men that offers members and guests opportunities for social and educational interaction. Our board and membership also outreach to the community-at-large to help people learn to accept us as we are - worthy individuals - regardless of our sexual orientation. Emphasizing cooperation and mutual respect between lesbians and gay men, Laguna Outreach offers our members many opportunities to expand their personal, professional, and business relationships in social settings. At the same time, members are kept up-to-date about issues relevant to the lesbian and gay community and to all residents of Orange County.
It is also important to us to support other nonprofit organizations that, like us, support the national gay and lesbian agenda for equality and freedom. We have lent support, volunteers and financial support to The Federation, AIDS Walk OC, ECCO, Orange County Cultural Pride, LIFE AIDS Lobby and others.

While membership is not required to enjoy most of the services and activities we offer, there are many benefits to being a member of Laguna Outreach. In addition to the opportunity to feel good about yourself, mix with other men and women, and take part in the community, members enjoy:

  • A discount to all LO-sponsored activities
  • A subscription to the newsletter
  • The right to vote in the organization
Other benefits are announced from time to time. It is the policy of Laguna Outreach to encourage the participation of all men and women who support its goals, regardless of background, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation. Our current rates for annual membership dues are:
  • Single - $40
  • Couples - $70
  • Student - $20 (ID required)

Recognizing everyone's right to privacy, the organization's membership and mailing lists are strictly confidential. Under no circumstances are they available to others. All board-approved mailings are done in sealed envelopes and only by Laguna Outreach, Inc.

Please email Membership or call (949) 497-4237 to join.

To have a membership brochure and welcome letter sent to you by postal mail, please fill out the Get Info form.
Give us feedback and suggestions: we are always looking for ideas and offers to help. Send us an email if you wish to offer suggestions, or better yet - to volunteer!