For reservations and directions to any activity or meeting, please call Laguna Outreach at 949.497.4237, or send us an email. Please contact us at least one day before the event to give us enough time to retrieve your message and respond. All Laguna Outreach activities are free to members and $5 to non-members, unless otherwise noted.

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The heart of Laguna Outreach is our groups. This is where people meet, ideas are exchanged, connections made, and we really feel the presence of our community. Please contact us if you want to lead a group, if you have an idea for one of the groups, or if you would like to host an event or help out at one.

Women's Social Night
Women's Social Night is held the 4th Saturday of the month, at 7 p.m. at various locations throughout the county, all coordinated by Nancy Pearl. It is a potluck supper with good food, great company, and awesome women. We are well organized for the next few months, thanks to all the women who have volunteered their homes. There are a few more of you that I plan on getting to "volunteer" your humble abodes for a fabulous evening.

Men's Video Night
Men's Video Night is always the fourth Saturday of the month, graciously hosted by Cap Capeloto. Please bring a potluck dish of your choosing (please guys, easy on the appetizers). By the by, if anyone would like to host Men's Video Night (I will do all the work--you just have to supply the house!) please let me know. But until this momentous occasion takes place, video night will continue to be held at my place in Santa Ana.

Ladies' Home Theater
Movies of interest to women will be shown by Lindsay Hart every 2nd Fri of the month at different members homes in Orange County. Feel free to being a snack or beverage to share, tho the only thing necessary is you.

Great Conversations with Gays & Lesbians
Great Conversations With Gays And Lesbians is a regular monthly activity of Laguna Outreach, held on the fourth Wednesday of every month except December in a member's home (or other interesting venue). We share a potluck meal, then tear into a subject of mutual interest. Facilitated by Marc Feller. Join us! Or volunteer to host a meeting - it's easy and fun.

Gourmet Group
The Gourmet Group is a great way to meet new friends for an evening of food and fun. Chef Joseph narrates as he prepares delicious theme dinners; it's like an episode of "Great Chefs" right here in Orange County! All are welcome: singles or couples. Tastefully led by Vincent Croome.

Awesome Adventures
2002 Co-Chair Katt McLean leads our Awesome Adventures group. Her plans for Awesome Adventures include lots more local fun - outdoors and indoors, plus combined outings with the Gourmet Group. Katt invites all members to Awesome Adventures.

We love to hear from you! Send us an email or give us a call if you have ideas, suggestions or would like to help with an activity.

LO activity groups frequently need host homes, big or small. If you'd like to get more involved, but don't have the time to commit to running a group, volunteer to host an event. Let us know how many people you can accomodate and what sort of acitvity you'd like to host. We'll even recruit a clean-up crew, so that we leave your home as glamorous as we found it!