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Support for Vitamin D Research
The Center for D-Receptor Activation Research (CeDAR) is offering grants for research on Vitamin D. more>>

IUPHAR2006 - Park View Hotel sold out
The rooms at the Park View Crown Plaza Hotel are sold out. The next closest hotel is the Beijing Continental GRand Hotel. Register now to reserve the best remaining rooms. more>>

Major Update to IUPHAR Receptor Database
The International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) today announced the latest release of a major update to its receptor database at www.iuphar-db.org. more>>

IUPHAR Calendar

"Pharmacology International" for Summer 2006 is being edited. To contribute an article or calendar item, email Lindsay Hart.


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IUPHAR is a voluntary, non-profit association representing the interests of pharmacologists around the world by:
  • Promoting international cooperation
  • Sponsoring regional activities
  • Encouraging free exchange of scientists and ideas
  • Developing public awareness

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  • 2006 ASCPT Annual Meeting
  • Collegium Internationale Geronto Pharmacologicum Congress 2006
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  • GenXPharm e-group for the Next Generation of Pharmacologists
  • The Science Council of Japan
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  • China's 1st taikonaut, Liwei Yang

    The 15th IUPHAR World Congress of Pharmacology 2-7 July, 2006

    Official Satellite Meetings

    Serotonin Club Meeting Sapporo, JAPAN, 28-30 June
    International Conference on Pharmacogenetics Changsha, CHINA, 28-30 June
    Vascular Neuroeffector Interactions Suzhou, CHINA, 28 June-July 1
    Pediatric Pharmacology Satellite Symposium Shanghai, CHINA, 29-30 June
    Pharmacological Teaching: Facing New Challenges Beijing, CHINA, 1-2 July
    Pharmacology of Adrenoceptors Beijing, CHINA, 7-9 July
    Bioregulation in the Gastrointestinal Tract Osaka , JAPAN, 7-9 July
    From Molecular to Drug Discovery Xi'an, CHINA, 8-10 July